About The Author

Profile - David Allan BarkerDavid Allan Barker is a Toronto-based writer who enjoys referring to himself in the 3rd person singular. In his everyday dealings, he goes by David Barker, or Dave, or Hey You. Adding a middle name seems pretentious, but he decided to include it on his book covers to help potential readers distinguish him from the other 1,587,396 David Barkers who live, love and work in the English language.

David has variously worked as a roller-coaster operator, hot-stamp press operator, process server, lawyer, web designer, dot-com bum, day trader, and photographer. His educational experience is likewise varied with an A.R.C.T. in piano performance, degrees in english, law, and theology, and a certificate in multimedia design. This soup of experience provides the raw stuff for his writing.

There’s one qualification you’ll find missing from his CV. He’s never gotten an MFA in creative writing or equivalent degree. As an ex-professional, he distrusts professionalism in writing. Leave that for the journalists. As Carmen Rios says: “You call it professionalism; I call it oppression in a three-piece suit.” Something similar can be said for writing: the more professional it becomes, the more obvious its role as a tool for reinforcing social hierarchies and entrenching power relationships.

David gives his books away. Yes, you can download them for free. You don’t even have to register first. Just click and download. He does this, not because his writing sucks, but because he’s intentionally unprofessional. Sometimes the usual social arrangements cry out to be upended. Unprofessionalism is David’s modest contribution to that project.

In a way, all his writing is part of a big experiment. He’s trying to find out if one guy, working alone, can produce books – novels, short story collections, essays – that are as good as anything produced by the big-media-backed publishing houses. The emerging answer, he thinks, is yes. His writing may not have the cellophane shine of a glossy house style, but then again he’s not trying to mimic anyone’s glossy house style.

Has he succeeded in his experiment? You’re the reader. You be the judge.